To start off my blog, I feel I should probably start with something that is dear to my heart, so you can get a gist of the blogs that will follow in the future. 
As an antique dealer, I need to have a good eye but as a gentleman I need to have a good mouth, and mine might I say is rather keyed to a certain drink; Armagnac. 
Armagnac is a relatively misunderstood drink these days, many confuse it for cognac, it is eau de vie and one of the first sprits of France, produced in the Armagnac region of Gascony. Armagnac is what you should be drinking, distilled in column stills rather than pot stills, the enrichment of the wine is much better. Swirling in your crystal glass this drink is going a miss, its that part of cuisine that is being lost: the digestif. Bring it back! Actually I believe it can be drunk whenever, as a substitute to the old gambling partner: whisky or as a fine tipple with an open fire. 
It gets even better, as you are drinking yourself to death in the surrounds of the gentleman's club, you are in-fact never going to die with Armagnacs' power qualities: "Research conducted by scientists at Bordeaux University in 2007 suggested that Armagnac has health benefits, finding that moderate consumption can help protect against heart disease and obesity. The research seemed to indicate that the benefits derived from its unique distillation process and aging rather than from its alcoholic content. The southwestern area of France, where Armagnac is produced, has some of the lowest cardiovascular disease rates in the world." - Superb