I popped to my tailors today, a meager tailors I might add in Worcester, but very professional. I have had a small alteration on a fine pinstripe double breasted jacket, having it taken in a little extra as I find myself not wearing it as often with a waistcoat these days. Upon walking in to the tailors, it hit me that this act of meeting the tailor and standing there not wanting to feel awkward nor far too relaxed while the gentleman tightens you up with pins, is a fantastic pursuit of the Gentleman. This wash of splendor and importance came over me, I thought this is such a wonderful thing to be doing. So I reveled.
I walked back to my car and thought about a conversion I had with a dear friend of mine; PLT about a matter which distressed me some what, on a topic which has now become rather a special point in my days, slippers. Reading Debrett's guide to the modern gentleman casually, whilst I was checking up on boiled fronted shirts, I noticed about monogrammed slippers and how gentlemen should not, I quote "DON'T Your feet don't need to be monogrammed.". This set an alarm bell ringing in my head, PLT and I are going to be blatantly breaking this rule. Debrett's suggested check slippers! Pavlos immediately said: "We are a hybrid of gentlemen. " Pavlos is right, we are, Debrett's have it wrong, our manners and posture are second to none, likewise are our morals, style, sophistication and traditional methods. Debrett's is superb, but bland. The masters of Saville Row and kings of Jermyn St. would certainly not be selling such vulgarity, monogrammed slippers are merely the hybrid of the traditional gentleman, taking pride in dressing to impress with that little extra that is needed these days, difference. PLT and I are setting ourselves out to be that little bit sharper and bringing back the dandy, the wonderful sense of style and of-course notability.
We moreover justified our choice - PLT and AWL - on each foot.